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In San Jose last week at the IEEE-SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day event, there was non-stop action in the presentation and the exhibit halls. It provided attendees with an update on the research numerous companies are conducting in the areas of high performance computing, distributed software-defined networks, smart switching architectures and reliable Real-time Ethernet communications for safety critical applications. These technologies are shaping the future of connected and automated vehicles.

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We’ve been continuously developing methodologies for testing NFV and the cloud. Importantly, we have learned that test tools on their own are insufficient – what is required is an entire test solution, including expertise. For example, with C-RAN NFVi testing, one of the key elements depicted in the Technical Report, multiple test tools were used together, including tools sourced from Spirent and open source communities, as well as custom hardware and software tools. The combination of these various tool sets and specialized expertise enabled Spirent to deliver testing services to our service provider customers.

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