Guy Buesnel

Guy Buesnel
Title: CPhys, AFRI, Product Manager – GNSS Vulnerabilities

Guy has more than 16 years experience in working on Robust and Resilient Position Navigation and Timing, having started his career as a Systems Engineer involved in developing GPS Adaptive Antenna Systems for Military Users.

Guy has been involved in GPS and GNSS Receiver System Design with the aim of designing a new generation of Rugged GNSS Receivers for use by Military and Commercial Aviation Users.

Guy is a Chartered Physicist, a Member of the Institute of Physics and an Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation

Recent Posts

GNSS vulnerability can be solved by using more GNSS

Recent events with GLONASS and with GPS in Australia demonstrated that navigation systems are vulnerable to software problems or glitches. The threat of jamming and spoofing are relevant for GNSS, where the power of the broadcast signals is comparatively weak (think of spotting a 40W light bulb from a few kilometres) and therefore susceptible to RF interference.

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