Mia Swain

Mia Swain

Mia Swain is a Product Manager working on simulator products and PNT solutions within the Spirent Positioning Technology business unit. She has an academic background in Physics and worked in R&D, applications engineering and then product management. Mia Swain’s current focus is managing the commercial status and development lifecycle of Spirent’s commercial grade GNSS simulator and its software platform, ensuring that the products maximize their commercial value and next generation products meets the needs of the market.

Recent Posts

BeiDou Phase-3 signals are now supported on Spirent’s GNSS RF Constellation Simulators

Since the completion of the first and second phase of the system – BDS I and BDS II - BeiDou has been widely used in China and the Asia-Pacific region. The development work on BeiDou phase 3 started 2013, and will extend BeiDou passive PNT service coverage from Asia to the whole world by approximately 2020. Here we take a look at the system development, and what Spirent is doing to support testing.

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