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Top Networking Industry Trends for 2013

Although analysts track industry growth in multiple segments, it is difficult to forecast new technologies. The test experts at Spirent have a unique perspective of the industry by working with the world’s largest network equipment manufacturers and service providers developing and deploying next-generation solutions.

Here are a few of our predictions of the top trends for 2013:

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Today, May 15th, is Spirent's 76th Anniversary

Adapted from an email by Laura Owens, Vice President of Human Resources, to Spirent employees. Spirent Team, Spirent is truly a company built to last!  Seventy six years ago today, Jack Bowthorpe founded a company that we all know today as Spirent Communications.  Bowthorpe started Goodliffe Electric Supplies, at No. 8 Eagle St., London, with capital provided by his brother’s father-in-law and his two sons—the Goodliffe family.  Soon thereafter, he hired his first em...

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Spirent at Interop 2012: The Mobile Cloud – Put it to the Test

Visit us at Booth #735! The convergence of the Mobile Internet and Cloud Computing is inevitable as consumer demand for mobile devices and applications continue to grow exponentially. However, can devices and networks handle the data storage and data processing offloaded from mobile devices? Will consumers be able to access their mobile applications, share data, collaborate and multi-task? And can all of this be accomplished with security, without a noticeable difference in performance in Appl...

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By all indications, the rising demand for ever-richer broadband services is unstoppable. And inevitable. As consumers increasingly rely on smart phones, tablets and mobile-enabled laptops as their portals of choice, operators are compelled to evolve their systems to keep pace. Service providers must rethink and reconfigure network technologies to meet the demand for spectrum. Goodbye TDM/ATM based systems, hello converged packet infrastructures. Only transformed networks will ride the big wave...

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Meeting the Challenges of the New Mobile Network: The Evolved Packet Core

We all know the story: over 5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide, new powerful mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, a shift from voice to multi-media rich applications like video. Suffice to say that the existing legacy networks won’t cut it. Equipment vendors and service providers are responding with the complex task of adding enhancements while maintain legacy networks. The collection of infrastructure changes run from the radio access network (RAN) to mobile backha...

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LightSquared GPS Testing: Spirent’s Perspective

Introduction The FCC, LightSquared and GPS industry have all agreed that the many questions around the potential for LightSquared’s proposed L-Band terrestrial/satellite network to cause interference with GPS can only be answered with accurate and thorough testing. As mandated by the FCC, LightSquared and the United States Global Positioning System Industry Council (USGIC) have established a GPS Technical Working Group (TWG) to investigate the issues surrounding potential interference. ...

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