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CNAV is the name for the civilian navigation message that will be carried by the modernized GPS system. And while the CNAV message will carry similar data to the existing NAV message, its structure will be completely different, with a packetised format that will increase message bandwidth to allow for greater information density and pave the way for future system expansion. To this end, the system is designed to support 63 satellites, compared with 32 for the L1 NAV message. Each packe...

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Binary offset carrier modulation (or BOCM) is a split-spectrum modulation scheme used by the Galileo navigation satellite system. BOCM is a square subcarrier modulation. A signal is multiplied by a rectangular subcarrier of a frequency that is equal to or higher than the CDMA rate. Following this subcarrier multiplication, the spectrum of the signal is divided into two parts. The purpose for using BOC modulation in Galileo is to reduce interference with BPSK-modulated signals such as C...

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