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A new US national space policy document unveiled recently by President Obama marks a major change of direction on the relationship between the country's GPS system and other GNSS systems around the world. And the change can only accelerate the development and interoperability of systems such as GLONASS, Compass and Galileo. Whereas US policy as affirmed in a December 2004 national security directive was focused on maintaining the country's lead in GNSS on a unilateral basis, the new in...

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A few years ago the Sat Nav system in your car was considered a luxury now almost every PDA, mobile phone and PC has built-in GPS technology. However, navigation and positioning technology is no longer just about GPS L1 C/A code. The GPS constellation is being modernized, the GLONASS constellation is nearly complete with 19 satellites transmitting as you read, new systems including the Japanese QZSS, the European Galileo and the Chinese Compass constellations are on the way. GPS, the ba...

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