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By Anonymous On March 16, 2011
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Last month we added a new space on TestCloud with thousands of known attacks as .msl templates. Some of you may recall that the secret behind the speed of test creation with Spirent (formerly Mu) is in the way we can take in a wide variety of formats including .pcap, .har, curl to name a few and convert it into MuSL. So what we did was we took another look at our known attack templates and made that available as .msl templates. ...

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Personally, as a consumer, I love Netflix, but it hasn’t been the darling of service providers and ISP’s lately. You can read about the Canadian ISP saga here. Our imminent next release of Spirent (formerly Mu) Studio will enable our customers to recreate 1,000,000 concurrent Netflix users watching a movie, so they can understand the impact of their application aware networks. One thing is pretty clear: compared to YouTube, Netflix inflicts so much more pain on the network....

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I’ve been in the testing business for many years now and I’ve come across a lot of grandiose claims by test tool vendors with regards to features and capabilities that just sound too good to be true. And in many cases, they are. When it comes to today’s world of smartphones and tablets and the explosive growth of web and mobile applications, it’s mind-blowing to see the sheer quantity of apps out there. If you look at the number of apps available today on just three of ...

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