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You work for a company as network test engineer. Second day on the job during a high-level meeting, your management team expresses interest in characterizing the network based on RFC 2544, also raising the need to evaluate turn up services using Y.1564.

As network test engineer, you were asked to design a test bed based on the methodologies that will not only benchmark the network elements but also the Ethernet-based service activation attributes. How do you go about this painstaking network configuration? How do you make the switch and adapt to new methods and procedures? How do you keep up with future protocols and standards for compliance?

Spirent MethodologyCenter provides a complete suite of test methodologies that can be quickly configured and run to answer your performance, scale, and network configuration questions. With a focus on ease-of-use, test scenarios can be configured and run from any popular browser.

Spirent MethodologyCenter web application enables you to obtain not only results but the network answers that make network testing easy, without requiring detailed knowledge of the underlying test tool.

Methodologies are grouped into packages, such as benchmarking, Quality of Service, and compliance. New scenarios and packages are added regularly, they include:

  • Benchmarking: standard RFC 2544 and RFC 2889 forwarding performance testing
  • Service turn-up: Y.1564-based service validation and service performance characterization
  • Route Reflector: BGP Route Reflector performance characterization
  • Core routing: BGP, IS-IS, & OSPF scale and performance testing
  • Quality of Service: QoS policy validation, verifying proper implementation at Layer 2 (VLANs) and Layer 3 (DSCP)
  • IPTV: Simulation of subscribers accessing and changing multiple channels in a multicast IPTV network

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Contact us today to learn more about Spirent MethodologyCenter and register for a free trial to find the network answers for all your test scenarios.


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