Highlights and Take-Aways from OmniAir Texas Plugfest 2018

Recently, key V2X industry players met at OmniAir Texas Plugfest in College Station, Texas.

Conformance, Interoperability, Security, and Field Testing

OmniAir Texas Plugfest 2018 Similar to earlier plugfests, the goal of the event was to assess cross-vendor interoperability, device readiness for certification, as well as their conformance to the latest safety and security standards.

Spirent’s Qualified Test Equipment (QTE) for verifying conformance and performance of DSRC-based V2X protocols as per IEEE1609/SAE standards, was well-represented at that event. Spirent TTsuite-WAVE-DSRC test solution was featured at 3 bench testing stations hosted by Spirent experts and various test labs.

The plugfest also featured a successful demonstration of a Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) test system, which combined Spirent software with C-V2X radio devices to test an On-Board Unit (OBU) as Device Under Test (DUT) via the PC5 interface.

Key Take-Aways from OmniAir Texas Plugfest

Some of the key take-aways from the event include:

  • TCI: newly approved Change Requests on the Test Control Interface (TCI) are well disseminated among device vendors and supported by a growing majority of devices.
  • Security: multiple-root certificates were tested successfully, an important step towards interoperability across different security tool providers.
  • Test Coverage: the need for testing basic V2X requirements such as BSM support with IEEE1609.3 is still strong, though several plugfests were already held offering such testing. This may indicate that some vendors may not have automated test solutions in-house and use plugfests to validate early phase developments.

The week-long event was hosted by Texas A&M Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University, whose staff did an outstanding job accommodating the numerous test stations and coordinating all the various equipment logistics.

Bench testing stations also provided vendors an opportunity to test IEEE802.11 PHY-layer conformance, while several field-testing sessions were held using equipment provided by specialised vendors on the TAM track at Rellis Campus.

For more details on the C-V2X showcase at OmniAir Texas Plugfest, read related blog.
Also, check out our V2X white paper on how the automotive industry should test V2X systems.

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