New Age of SD-WAN

SD-WAN blog 1What’s old is new again ☺.

Software-defined anything has a tendency to bring technology cycles back to life… remember SDN?

Software-define WAN is not just a service, but a new way of doing business. SD-WAN transformation is required – for service providers as a new way to operate on-demand and achieve true “Telco Cloud” enabled networks – for enterprises as a new way to manage their WANs with flexibility without compromising on performance and high-availability.

Why now?

  • MPLS circuits deployed in traditional WANs remain expensive
  • Growing number of branches, home offices and wireless devices
  • Slow response time for changes and value-add services
  • More applications (including mission-critical) are moving to the Cloud
  • Sensitive data dispersed across geographies, operators, enterprise domains

Introducing a comprehensive suite of SD-WAN test solutions that allows you validate the increasingly complex, virtualized, and automated SD-WAN environment. Whether you are a SD-WAN vendor, service provider or an enterprise, Spirent ensures SD‑WAN to meet your expectations of cost savings in network operation, faster deployment and increased performance.

Built upon Spirent’s expertise for network validation and emerging MEF standards, service providers can now be confident that their SD-WAN implementations offer baseline SD-WAN capabilities; and SD-WAN vendors can continue focus on high-value-added and differentiated features.

Spirent’s TestCenter, Virtual and Cloud solutions help generate network and application traffic, emulate workloads and impairment conditions, and more. However, at its basic, the testing objective for SD-WAN functionality (depending on type of device under test) includes:


  • Application traffic steering
  • Dynamic path selection
  • High availability with device and link failure
  • L2-4 stateless traffic steering
  • Load balancing
  • Local Internet breakout
  • Multi-tenancy
  • QoS prioritization
  • SD-WAN controller redundancy
  • Service chaining
  • VPN encryption
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • and more…

Spirent is here to assure the promise of SD-WAN starting from design, development to deployment phases. More blog series on how to unlock SD-WAN’s potential to become an autonomous, self-managing domain. Follow us @Spirent.

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