Bring GNSS into dynamic HIL environments with our dedicated software solution

Spirent’s GNSS simulators are built to the highest standard, designed specifically for GNSS testing of market leading products. SimHIL enables users to integrate Spirent’s GNSS simulators with the industry’s leading hardware-in-the-loop platforms.

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Key benefits

  • Spirent simulation systems support all current and future civilian constellations and frequencies, enabling comprehensive testing in all commercial applications. In addition, test environments can be enriched with tools such as Sim3D multipath environment modelling. SimHIL enables the integration of the full range of functions of Spirent GNSS simulators into dynamic HIL environments.

    Spirent can help to integrate your favourite testing tools with our GNSS simulators through SimHIL. Whether you own equipment from one of our partners or you already work with a different vendor, Spirent offers a wide variety of services to integrate our GNSS simulators into your set-up.

  • Spirent’s high performance GNSS simulators are the ideal tools for HIL testing of challenging applications. With high simulation iteration rates (SIRs), ultra-low latency and in-built interpolation and extrapolation techniques, Spirent’s GSS7000 and GSS9000 integrate seamlessly.

  • Thanks to SimHIL’s open and rich application programming interface (API), you can configure and control the GNSS scenario and signal generation from a control panel overlay in the HIL simulator GUI. Controlling the whole simulation environment from a single point greatly simplifies the configuration process and removes the possibility of human error.

    Enabling greater realism, SimHIL is compatible with all GNSS-specific options and features available with Spirent GNSS simulators. This includes ionospheric and tropospheric modelling, antenna patterns, date and time settings, and dynamic obscuration and multipath effects via Sim3D.

  • Spirent offers a range of services to SimHIL customers, from the setup and commissioning of the existing dedicated software interface (DSI), to the development of a custom DSI specific to customer HIL environments. Spirent’s expert team of engineers is perfectly positioned to deliver the knowledge and the speed required in innovative and fast-paced businesses.

    • Baseline - Setup and commissioning of existing DSI
    • Enhanced - Includes implementation service and enhanced support
    • Custom - Bespoke development of non-standard DSI

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Webinar: GNSS in the Loop - The future of GNSS testing in a HIL setup

An insight into testing within a Hardware-in-the-Loop set-up for automotive applications such as ADAS, V2X, sensor fusion and infotainment systems.

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Seamless Integration

Spirent offers specific support for each of the interfaces provided with SimHIL. Our consolidated partnerships with third-party providers ensure that all our customers receive the support they need to test their GNSS receivers and ECUs.

ProductHardware supportedSoftware supportedVehicle models supported
dSPACE ConfigurationDesk
dSPACE ControlDesk
dSPACE ModelDesk
dSPACE MotionDesk
IPG CarMaker
Matlab Simulink
Mechanical Simulation CarSim
SimHIL for IPGIPG XPack 4
IPG CarMaker
IPG TruckMaker
IPG CarMaker
IPG TruckMaker
Matlab Simulink
SimHIL for AV SimulationSCANeR StudioCALLAS
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How HIL is driving ADAS

A major automotive manufacturer needed to test their products in real-time. Spirent’s SimHIL integrated their GSS7000 GNSS simulator with dSPACE SCALEXIO for responsive HIL testing. This enabled them to use a single interface to control their whole simulation.

Overcoming autonomy challenges with Spirent

Italdesign were facing practicality and time constraints in the developing of their connected and autonomous vehicle solutions. Integrating Spirent’s GSS7000 with SimHIL enabled them to improve and accelerate their testing within the constraints of Italian laws on road-testing.



The Spirent advantage

SimHIL is built on experience gained over more than 30 years of supporting GNSS application development. Our systems offer the proven performance and reliability that our customers demand.

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The most sophisticated GNSS/GPS simulator for the most demanding applications.

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True performance at every test stage across all applications.

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3D modelled environments for multipath and obscuration testing.

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